Character Sheets

Kieran Chavez

hopeless romantic poet who keeps leaving his goddamn mugs everywhere NAME: Kieran Chavez AGE: 19 BIRTHDAY: 11/18/1998 GENDER: male PRONOUNS: he/him APPEARANCE: 6’1, medium brown skin, curly dark brown hair with an undercut, hazel eyes, muscular and strong and can probably carry you, scar on his leg from falling out of a tree when he was little, […]

Original Characters

Henri Erickson

“the tree talks too much”   NAME: Henri Erickson NICKNAMES: tree boy, plant man, fucking twig, chrysanthemum,  literally any plant name (all courtesy of Lex) AGE:  17 BIRTHDAY: 4/13/1999 GENDER: pangender (most tree nymphs consider themselves agender, pangender, or genderfluid if they choose to abide by human gender ideals but there’s quite a bit of variety […]

Character Sheets

Aiden Bohr

misled child who fell into a rotten misfortune   NAME: Aiden Bohr AGE:  19 BIRTHDAY: 8/9/1997 SPECIES: siren PRONOUNS: she/her, but they don’t mean much to her APPEARANCE: 5’8, ashy skin, short and choppy white hair, ice blue eyes, curvy build, bridge piercing SEXUALITY: doesn’t work like humans, closest would be considered a polyamorous lesbian AESTHETIC: monochrome, comfy,  androgynous strega […]

Character Sheets

Kayo Hershins

vulgar, meme loving, alien child who will kick your bootie on sight NAME: Katrina Anne Hershins  NICKNAMES: Katie, Kayo/K.O. AGE:  19 BIRTHDAY: 11/5/1997 GENDER: n/a PRONOUNS: they/them APPEARANCE: 5’1, white with a bad summer tan (sock lines and everything), neon green shaved hair that’s naturally that blond everyone seems to hate, grey/blue eyes, no boobs/butt/curves and toned, the […]

Character Sheets

Mimi Calhoun

Hedonistic, delusional babydoll studying to become a surgeon   NAME:  Mimi Calhoun Nicknames: The Screaming Mimi, Little Bitch Baby/LBB AGE:  18 BIRTHDAY: 12/22/97 GENDER: female PRONOUNS: she/her APPEARANCE: 5’7, pasty white, wavy dark brown hair down to her tits, light brown eyes, freckles SEXUALITY: “heteroflexible” AESTHETIC: creepy cute, rose pink, satin and blood, old dolls FAMILY MEMBERS: TRAITS: attention […]