Character Sheets Horror

Whitney Scott: Character Profile

AN: This is a profile of the main character from my “Born Evil” Story. I purposely kept her backstory in Born Evil kind of vague to make it a little bit more mysterious, and also because it wasn’t full developed. But the basics are here!   Full Name: Whitney Elizabeth Scott Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Personal traits: kind, […]

Horror Mystery

Born Evil

*AN: This is a short story based off of a really interesting dream I had a few months ago. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to write about. I’m not a very good artist but wish I could have some pictures to go with the story. If anybody wanted to do any pics […]

Realistic Fiction

Dick Richards: Character Sheet

Name: Dick Richards Nicknames: Age: 59 Sex: Male Height: 5’11 Weight: 298 lbs Body Type: Fat, harry, jiggly Hair Color: Dirty Grey Hair Type: Man bun Race: Caucasian Nationality: American Strengths: Good at making things up, good golfer Weaknesses: extremely low emotional intelligence, reverse Midas touch, unemployed, asshole, can’t admit he is wrong, lazy, arrogant, […]

Action Satire

Desperate Times: Chapter 5

The crew pulled around the corner at the next intersection as the cop car slowly followed behind them. “SHIT!” screamed Jack. “What did we do wrong?!?” “Calm down” said Hunter. “It’s probably just a busted tail light.” The police officer got out of his car and slowly strutted toward them. Hunter turned down the stereo […]