Horror Mystery Original Characters

Dead On Live: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 •••   “Lights, camera, action!” The director shouts as Donny walks up to his stage, waving at the people in the stands clapping. He sits down, chuckling.   “Good morning everyone! I’m your host, Donny Kurgis.” Donny states, smiling. “Now today, we have a brand new kind of guest. Please welcome the Fox God reincarnation […]

Horror Mystery Original Characters

Dead On Live: Chapter 3

Chapter 3 •••   “Mrs. Kurgis, you’ve been in your office for a while!” A cameraman shouts, knocking on the door to Lorlin’s office.   Lorlin sighs. “Come ln, David.” She spoke.   “Got it!” David came into the room, smiling. “Did you find anything?”   Lorlin slowly nods. “I found..a lot.”   “A lot?” […]

Horror Mystery Original Characters

Dead On Live: Chapter 1

Chapter 1   •••   “Mr. Kurgis, we must find something more..internationally appealing, per say.” A cameraman spoke. “Unfortunately, our ratings have gone down for the past few months.”   Donny sighs, thinking. “Considering that most of the Supernatural Phenomenons happen in NYC, that’s basically our only hope..but who?”   “Just someone..unordinary, sir.” The cameraman shrugs. “That’s all.” […]

Original Characters

Mallkim Vdekja

Mallkim is a human, that much cannot be disputed. However, rather than being part of the race of humans we know today, he is much….different. Mallkim is a Primordial. He is one of the first humans to exist in this world, which gives him a major advantage. Due to being so close to the the […]

Fantasy Original Characters

Demons In New York: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ••• Todd Anderson was a blond-haired, brown-eyed officer with a thin body. His gaze pierced through the eyes of the customers, who immediately looked away from him. “Well, are the devils coming out?” He states, his tone serious and filled with annoyance. “I don’t have all day.” One by one, Karmin, Eli, Web, […]

Character Sheets Original Characters

Character Sheet #5: Onta

Name: Onta Alias: Sea-Ster Alignment: True Neutral Species: Kraken Age: 390 Personality: Shy, Sweet, Quiet, Observant, but can become Malicious and Unhinged, especially when he’s in his Kraken Form Gender: Male Sexuality: Biromantic Pronouns: He/Him Occupation: Fishmonger Weapon/Paraphernalia: •Grappling Hook Of The Deep Blue •Hook Of The Sea Powers/Abilities: •Kraken Physiology •Human Disguise •Ocean Manipulation […]