Character Sheets

Character Sheet 1

Name: Xavion “Xavi” Battle Alias: Omen DOB: July 12th, 1997 Gender: Male Pronouns: He/Him/His Birthplace: Tulsa, OK, USA Weight: 210 lbs. Height: 6’2″ Body Type: Mesomorph Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hairstyle: Crew cut Superhuman Abilities: Enhanced Accuracy Skills: Multilingualism, Gun Proficiency, Ricochet Attacks, Stealth, Surveillance, PhD in Applied Physics Notes: Xavi works at […]

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Name:Hydro-Wire Age: 11(when story started) Gender: male♂️ Height: 156cm(when story started) Weight: 42kg(when story started) Eye colour: dark brown; dark violet  Hair colour: Zinnawaldite brown good/bad: neutral good Personality: Short-tempered, violent(during fight), funny, humourous, arrogant, irresponsible(sometimes), lazy(sometimes), loyal, honest, caring towards his family and friends  Hydro-Wire always shows that he never cares about people around him but actually deep inside he does. […]

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Magnus’s Grimiore: Entry #2

Entry 2: Extra-Dimensional Magic   I remember Extra-Dimensional Magic fondly. Or by its other name which is Arcanum Exo. It was the first magic that I learned that was truly hard to learn. I thought that Magic itself was difficult with me spending entire months just to make a spell that would fling a single […]

Character Sheets

Character Sheet No.1

Full Name: Winston Arthur Welch Age: 35 D.O.B: 4th June 1899   Zodiac: Gemini Sex: Male       Pronouns: He/Him Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana , USA  Ethnicity: Biracial Weight: 120.3 ibs  Height: 6’5 (196cm) Body Type: Skinny, slender Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour and style: Dark Brown, messy and medium length Intelligence: Highly Intelligent   […]