Character Sheets Original Characters

Character Sheet #2: Eli

Name: Eli Alias: Fiacre Basil Alignment: Lawful Neutral Species: Demon Age: 23 Gender: Genderqueer Sexuality: N/A Pronouns: They/Them Occupation: Bartender Weapon/Paraphernalia: Metal Baseball Bat Powers: •Glass Manipulation •Water Manipulation •Arrow Generation •Healing Water •Bow Manipulation •Whirlpool Generation •Invisibility •Silence Manipulation •Diamond Manipulation Weaknesses: •Hot Temperatures/Heat Backstory: Originally living in a foster home for most of […]

Character Sheets Original Characters

Character Sheet #1: Quince

Name: Quince Alias: Lupus Ichor Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality: Cold, Uncontrollable, Vicious and sometimes Unreadable Species: Incubus-Titan Hybrid Age: 30 Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Pronouns: He/Him Occupation: Bar Owner Weapon/Paraphernalia: Blood Scythe Powers/Abilities: •Incubus Physiology •Human Disguise •Illusion Manipulation •Blood Manipulation •Shapeshifting •Fear Form •Fearlessness •Weaponry Summoning •Scythe Proficiency •Claw Retraction •Phobia-Initiated Ability Manifestation •Hypnotic […]

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Character Profiles: Kane Xavier aka Absolute Victory

Every story of heroes and villains needs a greatest of them all right? Well, heres the profiles of the number one professional hero, known and loved the world over. But there’s more to him than first glance. EVERYONE has their secrets… Real Name: Kane Xavier Hero Name: Absolute Victory Codename: One Superpower: Amplification of muscle […]