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Character Profiles: Kane Xavier aka Absolute Victory

Every story of heroes and villains needs a greatest of them all right? Well, heres the profiles of the number one professional hero, known and loved the world over. But there’s more to him than first glance. EVERYONE has their secrets… Real Name: Kane Xavier Hero Name: Absolute Victory Codename: One Superpower: Amplification of muscle […]

Character Sheets Horror

Whitney Scott: Character Profile

AN: This is a profile of the main character from my “Born Evil” Story. I purposely kept her backstory in Born Evil kind of vague to make it a little bit more mysterious, and also because it wasn’t full developed. But the basics are here!   Full Name: Whitney Elizabeth Scott Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Personal traits: kind, […]

Action Character Sheets Fantasy Original Characters

Character Profiles: Kyle Caldwell aka The Ghoul

Real Name: Kyle Caldwell Hero Name: The Ghoul Codename: Invis Superpower: can alter the colour of his skin pigments to bend light, rendering him almost completely invisible. Class = Biological (skin pigments) Backstory: rather than follow in the footsteps of his (1 minute) older twin brother Axel, Kyle opted for the quieter, more refined approach. […]