Real Name: Kyle Caldwell
Hero Name: The Ghoul
Codename: Invis
Superpower: can alter the colour of his skin pigments to bend light, rendering him almost completely invisible.
Class = Biological (skin pigments)

Backstory: rather than follow in the footsteps of his (1 minute) older twin brother Axel, Kyle opted for the quieter, more refined approach. He did well in school, rarely ever got into fights and would often disappear to go do something he found more interesting. After passing college with a degree in almost four subjects, he along with Axel, applied to the Association and were accepted. Kyle secretly looks up to Axel, as he wishes he could be more outspoken like him.

Okay I’m gonna do something different here. What profile would anyone like to see next? Another hero or a villain to shake things up. Its entirely up to you and I’ll drop in a profile for one character of either. Its a promise!

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  1. I really like the camouflage power. Its kind of a twist on just turning invisible and makes Kyle a little bit more unique than heroes that can just vanish. Seeing a villain come into the picture would be pretty cool! I would love to see what kind of villain tries to take on Kyle, Axel or the association!

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