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Character Sheet #3: Hyku

Name: Hyku

Alias: Cadmean Ambrosia/Simone Henry Wattson

Alignment: True Neutral

Species: Half-Demon Fox God

Age: 26 

Personality: Shy, Kind and Curious. Is a pacifist unless only necessary.

Gender: Transsexual Non-Binary

Sexuality: Bicurious Asexual

Pronouns: He/They

Occupation: N/A

Weapon/Paraphernalia: Fire Knife


•Retroactive Immorality

•Soul Manipulation

•Fire Manipulation

•Poison Manipulation

•Acid Manipulation

•Ice Manipulation

•Vine Manipulation

•Death Manipulation

•Mind Control


•Vocal Replication

•Eye Color Manipulation

•Hearing Manipulation

•Age Negation

•Materialized Guardian

•Tornado Manipulation

•Air Manipulation

•Wind Generation

•Enhanced Touch

•Electricty Immunity

•Heat Vision


•Blood (has severe Hemophobia)

•Unexpected Touch (has severe Haphephobia)

•Has severe vocal damage

•Has little control of Death Manipulation and Soul Manipulation

Backstory: Once the Fox God of Life Cadmean Ambrosia, Hyku was reincarnated into Simone Henry Wattson after being killed by a hunter. While being Simone, he went through Child Sexual Abuse when he was ten and was kidnapped by the same men who forced him into sexual activities. He escaped captivity after five years, then began to work at diners as a singer from the age of fifteen to the age of twenty-five, suffering severe vocal damage. The day after his twenty-sixth birthday, the same men killed him in a vicious car accident, killing him in the process. This caused him to be reincarnated a second time into Hyku, who has little memory of either of his past lives. He also used to be an experiment for NYC’s “Project Rat”, but escaped from the facility the moment he woke up the second time.

Extra Info:

•He doesn’t like to fight.

•His Hemophobia and Haphephobia come from his past lives.

•He has the sentence “Experiment #7094” etched into his left ankle.

•He has an Infinity Tattoo on his right shoulder.

•He has a female Calico cat named Mursi. She goes everywhere with him.

•He’s only 5’2 in height.

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