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Character Sheet #3: Hyku

Name: Hyku

Alias: Cadmean Ambrosia

Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral

Species: Domainless God

Age: 26

Personality: Observant, Pragmatic, Thoughtful, Quiet, Cunning, Wise, Mysterious and Cryptic

Gender: Transsexual Non-Binary

Sexuality: Bicurious Asexual

Pronouns: He/They

Occupation: Spy





•Retroactive Immortality

•Sickle Proficiency


•Indomitable Will

•Supernatural Intelligence

•Supernatural Mind

•Supernatural Inventing

•Mechanical Intuition

•Law Intuition

•Security Intuition

•Surveillance Intuition

•Body Language Analysis

•Tactical Analysis

•Tactical Genius

•Status Reading

•Hyper Awareness

•Supernatural Condition (Type III)

•Supernatural Survivability

•Supernatural Endurance

•Supernatural Combat

•Supernatural Unarmed Combat

•Supernatural Strike

•Blood Independence

•Death Sense

•Pattern Sense

•Red Lightning Manipulation

•Chemical Manipulation

•Chemical Generation

•Chemical Attacks

•Chemistry Combat

•Chemical Reaction Creation

•Chemical Intuition

•Explosion Manipulation

•Explosion Inducement

•Explosive Constructs

•Explosive Attacks

•Explosive Combat

•Fragokinetic Flight

•Chain Detonation

•Repetitive Detonation

•Explosive Proficiency

•Explosive Hell

•Bomb Defusion

•Explosive Fire Manipulation


Explosive Shock: Allows Hyku to create a explosion that shocks anyone it touches

Tekc(s): N/A


•Those with Explosion Immunity are immune to his Explosive Powers

•Isn’t immune to his own Explosions, or any other ones for that matter

•Must be careful with certain Chemicals

•Must be careful with mixing certain Chemicals

•Can still go into a coma from severe blood loss

•Due to the trauma he suffers from, his emotions can switch from one to the others within seconds, which can cause unwanted problems/attention

Backstory: After waking up in The Mystery Institute in Toronto, Canada, Hyku—known by Canadian Researchers as Experiment #7941 or Undead Bomb—was tested on numerous times in the 1960’s. In 1978–during The Cold War and after the first Human-Demon War—Hyku was transported to NYC for Project Rat, which had been interested him because of one thing; he ability to survive all tests and come back to life after death. They tested him for everything; pain tolerance, temperature tolerance, breathing, ect. But soon, they found out something more interesting; Hyku could remember everything he’s ever heard and seen. He was also extremely intelligent, able to create explosive chemicals within an hour and calculate the percentage of how well a certain thing would work. They tested him more..until they realized that their tests were now useless because they didn’t affect him. So they went for something more; to test Hyku’s durability to the max. They tortured him with almost everything under the sun, which eventually led him to break. He broke so much that he snapped the main nurse’s neck. Afterwards, he ran out of the facility, which eventually led him to Quince. After a few hours of discussion, the two became close and Hyku was allowed into The Seven Exiles, where he serves as a spy.

Extra Info:

•He’s 5’2 in height.

•He has a female Calico cat named Mursi. She goes everywhere with him.

•It’s unclear whether his sanity is in tact or not, but he seems to have some sympathy for those who went through what he did.

•The scar on his face was from an incident with Jufis von Usini. Jufis had sliced his face, so he ripped his arm off in return.

•He has burns on his wrists and sides of his head—both from being electrocuted, deep scars on his arms, stab wounds on his chest and a deep wound in his right ankle. There’s more injuries, but these are the only ones that have been found so far.


“Do you really think I need you to run your mouth in goodness about an organization that tortured me just to see what would happen to me? No, I don’t, you sick mortal.”

“Everything goes out with a bang. And so will you.”

“I find your blindness and stupidity to this world amusing.”

“There’s many of men with a face fine and fair who start out in life with a chance to be square.”

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