Character Sheets

Mimi Calhoun

Hedonistic, delusional babydoll studying to become a surgeon


NAME:  Mimi Calhoun

Nicknames: The Screaming Mimi, Little Bitch Baby/LBB

AGE:  18

BIRTHDAY: 12/22/97

GENDER: female

PRONOUNS: she/her

APPEARANCE: 5’7, pasty white, wavy dark brown hair down to her tits, light brown eyes, freckles

SEXUALITY: “heteroflexible”

AESTHETIC: creepy cute, rose pink, satin and blood, old dolls


TRAITS: attention loving, dramatic, vulgar, secretive, narcissistic, rooted, hedonistic, ambitious

LIKES: stuffed animals, teeth, satin, gore, menhera, lolita, old books, the little mammals of the world

DISLIKES: summer, cold showers, camping, small talk, romance

HOBBIES/ TALENTS: can scream very loud, is God, oddly good at French and Irish accents






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