Insecurity And Insomnia

I lay on my bed, staring out the window. It’s not the most interesting sight. Just some fog, a few trees in the distance. I turn onto my side, only to see the glowing red of the numbers on an alarm clock. The time reflects in my bloodshot eyes. 5:00 in the morning. I haven’t even closed my eyes. My skin is oddly pale, and my delusions are overcoming me. I lift my hand in front of my face, and rub my head. The permanent migraine in my mind isn’t making anything better. But my delusions aren’t fake: they’re there. All of them, staring at me in disappointment. I feel something touch my face, and it shifts uncomfortably on my arm. I’m hooked up to some equipment, and I’m not sure of it’s purpose. The itchy fabric of a hospital gown scratches against my skin. The sheets smell of cheap detergent. There’s a tv in front of me, mounted on the wall. The screen is black, and it’s obviously been turned off for a while. But it isn’t blank: no, there’s a reflection. I’m breathing unsteadily, and every breath cuts deeper into my stomach. The door is open, and has been for a few seconds. This can’t be one of my hallucinations: the door wouldn’t be open. I move a bit, and realize that I’ve got stitches down my side, a few different places on my face, and quite a few other places as well. I don’t remember anything even happening: but I know something has. There’s a table of surgical tools beside me: a knife is the only one I can identify. It didn’t help my fear that they were all covered in blood splatters either. My arm is twitching, and there’s an urge inside it. It flashes to the table and grabs the knife, eager to use it. I see again the darkened silhouette of a person. It walks toward me, and my arm extends. I looked up at where the knife had landed: the heart of the silhouette. But it’s not a silhouette any more: It’s a full color person: me.

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7 thoughts on “Insecurity And Insomnia

  1. Hey guys! Again, I want to thank you guys for reading my story. To all of my returning readers (anyone who’s read The Screams Of Silence), I want to thank you all for being faithful readers, and I’m glad that you liked my very first ocFancy story.

    I’ll probably post quite a few stories, but I’m not sure when or what about.


  2. I also want to say that I get a lot of inspiration from Creepypasta stories, and if you like my stories, I totally recommend Creepypasta. Most of my stories will be relatively dark, but some of them will probably be a different category.


    1. Yeah! i actually just started looking at Creepypasta. That is some scary stuff. I’m thinking about maybe starting a short horror story group if any of ya’ll want to join?

  3. This was a really cool short story and it does kind of send a shiver down your spine. I was hoping there would be some creepy stories seeing as it’s October and Halloween is coming up. Great work!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I know it’s probably not the best story, but I am happy that it got so many views. Also, I want to thank you for following me, but I wasn’t sure how to send a message.


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